Early Wage Advantage
Early Wage Advantage
Drive financial wellbeing & give employees an option to access their salary at any time with zero interest rates.
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early wage access

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How will ADVANTAGE CLUB "EWA" help?
The EARLY WAGE ADVANTAGE (EWA) from Advantage Club allows salaried and contract employees to track and access a portion of their real-time salary at any time prior to payday.
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Free for Company
Leverage a no-cost long term employee financial wellness benefit solution
Hassle-free integration
Highly compatible with any existing payroll, HRMS or ERP
Zero-Risk for employer
The status of working capital stays unchanged; we manage salary withdrawals
Financial wellness indicator
Get analytics on employee productivity & hidden attrition costs.
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Engaged Work Culture
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Improved employee morale
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Reduced in absenteeism
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Increased retention
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Enhanced productivity
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Impressive capacity to recruit new employees
Positive Employee Experience
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Immediate access to money they've earned
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No credit check required
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No changes to the payroll process of funding
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Zero interest* (T&C)
Positive Employee Experience
Build a culture of financial freedom
Attract Talent
Become a place A-Players want to work
Employee Contentment
Make your employees satisfied and happy
Drive Engagement
Get your people pumped about their work
Inspire Performance
Your people will produce amazing results
Boost Retention
Hold on tight to your best people
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