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Employee Rewards & Recognition

Every effort calls for a reward!

Revolutionizing rewards & recognition programs to appreciate employees for a job well done!

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The Problem We Solve
With work place changing dynamically and remote work becoming a norm, it has become harder to engage and recognize employees.
Purchasing physical items or gift cards, shipping them in the mail and tracking everything in spreadsheets is way too much work!
Unfortunately, most rewards and recognition software providers are way too expensive, offer point and catalogue programs that lack value & impact plus manual in-house programs just don't work!
Towers Perrin found that organizations with high employee engagement can achieve:
More annual operating income
greater annual growth rate
better annual earnings per share
Why it Matters
why rewards and recognition matters
  • 64% of employees feel they do not have strong work culture
  • 51% of employees are actively looking for new job or watching for openings
  • Gallup estimates that only 1 out of every 3 workers have received recognition or praise for good work in the last seven days.
  • 50% of employees believe being thanked by managers not only improved their relationship but also built trust with their higher-ups.
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All Your Employee Reward and Recognition Programs in One Place

We power a wide variety of recognition programs with redemption options offered in 100+ countries
  • Milestone/Anniversary/Years-of-Service Awards
  • Real-Time Recognition/Spot Bonus
  • Peer-to-Peer Appreciation
  • On-Boarding Programs
  • Wellness Programs
  • Personal Achievements
  • Quarterly & Annual Performance Awards
  • Birthday & Holidays
  • Any Gift Card Program
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Why You’ll Love Advantage Club!

A scalable, customizable, cost-effective platform to meet your organization's goals


Appreciate employees with timely rewards
  • Use reward automation so you never miss any milestones in the employee lifecycle
  • Make performance awards impactful with reward points and instant redemption
  • Amplify peer to peer recognition with ‘high-fives’, likes, comments and more
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Increase engagement with gamification and customization
  • Gamify the rewards program with badges and custom leaderboards
  • Use leaderboards to show how they rank against peers, and champions
  • Create a familiar experience with custom branding, logo, and other configurations
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Create moments of delight with an extensive reward catalog
  • Create a custom reward catalog to delight employees and reaffirm company values
  • Leverage a global catalog with 10,000+ redemption options, zero markups, and instant delivery
  • Let them choose from gift cards, experiences, perks, subscriptions, merchandise, wellness, and more
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Understand the impact of your rewards program
  • Check rewards distribution and redemption data to measure the effectiveness of your program
  • Analyze trends by a team, designation, grade, location, and department
  • Get the precise ROI of your program with the budget utilization report
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